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London Psychoanalysis Practitioners
(Lacanian Orientation)

Lacanians In Praxis are practitioners of Psychoanalysis based mainly in London. Practice rooms are situated at several locations across London. Session fees are set according to individual circumstances; taking into account means and so setting a price that aims to make an experience of psychoanalysis affordable and sustainable.

Psychoanalytic treatment addresses you as a subject, as a human being, rather than the range of psychological symptoms that you may present with. So, rather than seeking to try to simply get rid of your symptoms, psychoanalysis explores the underlying causation of those symptoms, that suffering. This movement to towards underlying causation is an effort of work that, if you follow through the implications of your discoveries, is likely to have profound consequences for how you come to live your life.

What is Troubling You?

  • Trauma, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Depression/loss of motivation
  • Problems with sexuality
  • Difficulties coping with relationships or work
  • Addiction, self-harm
  • Feeling Lost or confused
  • Fundamental questions; For example, what it is to be a man,
    to be a woman, about having a child, or about losing someone close to you.

What is Psychoanalysis?

The work of psychoanalysis involves speaking about your experience, your suffering, your desire. Your psychoanalyst, in inviting you to speak, pays attention to what you have to say, and may respond in a number of ways, including with questions, with interpretations, and with silences.

Practice Locations Across London

To find a Lacanian psychoanalyst near you, please use the map below. To book an appointment, simply click on the relevant map marker, you will then be taken to your chosen analysts booking page.

English Not Your First Language?

Several of our psychoanalysts are multilingual, we are therefore able to provide sessions in a variety of languages. To book an appointment with an analyst who speaks your preffered language, please click the relevant link:
French, Polish, Spanish & Greek.

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