Petros Patounas

On Psychoanalysis:

Psychoanalysis is not an ex-instance- this is a conscious fall of the grammar; it does not exist but is created through the process that becomes one’s own analysis. From session to session words struggle, on the bodies, the pneumatic one and the one of flesh that is marked by speech, the so human, and yet so inhuman vehicle of meaning and non-sense, and are fated to a process alienated to the subject: with a price.

In the sessions one cannot but articulate freely, an utterance that, unscripted like a veiled truth, seeks to become acknowledged- not to be but to become, through failure, directs one instead of being itself directed by the merrily pathos that brought a subject to life.

This is the subject of psychoanalysis as it is presented by, and is represented at the same time within a fervent synchronicity, the symptom’s disappointment. What escorts one to analysis, along with questions, is a praxis; an act that has the spark to initiate a beginning, as well as an abandonment, an end: this is the end of analysis and the beginning of a topology, literally the place of logos, that is speech: this is a reference to a creation, an honest poetry.

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Petros Patounas

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Tel: 020 3239 6979
Email: Petros Patounas